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So why are animated explainer videos so powerful? A short explainer video that tells your company/product/service story in an engaging way, dramatically increases trust and a potential customers understanding of the product, it is able to capture the viewers attention and boost conversion.

Reason 1. Explain complex ideas

Algorithm, blockchain, data mining, your on the cloud? Great! But what does that mean? A common problem for many of the most technical companies is explaining actually what they do! People gain a better understanding of a product or service once they see and hear someone explain it using analogies and in a relatable way. An explainer video helps you to connect better with your potential customer by explaining what your business can do for them and why they should choose you over other competing businesses in a visual way and entertaining way.

Reason 2. Speed

We all know how important it is to explain your business idea perfectly and as quickly as possible. Animated videos can deliver your message fast in an easily consumable fashion,  explaining your product or service in just seconds and doing it in a fun and entertaining way.

On average animated explainers are between only 45 – 120 seconds meaning you are capturing attention fast, educating your potential customer on your product in a super efficient and engaging manor – just like those 30 page white papers right?

Reason 3. Ability to visualise..Anything!

So we need a website user interface that spins into a fire breathing gnome! We got you! Ok so we haven’t been asked to do that yet, but where we are getting at is their is literally nothing that can’t be visually explained with an animated explainer.

You can create practically any visuals and scenes that you feel work with your desired script, if you can think it, we can make it!

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Reason 4. Personality

The number one thing that makes a customer become an advocate for your brand  is your personality. This is especially the case for online businesses where the customer will have little, if any contact with you directly.

It helps a person to gain a sense of trust in you and the products you sell if they can see what you about, your brand tone and gives you the ability to create a ‘virtual’ connection.

Reason 5. Increase sales!

All the above can be summed up to one important factor: more sales! It’s proven that explainer videos on homepages boost conversions . They don’t just explain your product, improve your relationship with your potential customers and help to bring more visitors to your website, they’re also incredibly compelling, which makes your sales and conversions grow higher!

Essentially it all comes down to ROI, and businesses who invests in animated videos nearly always see a positive ROI assuming they follow the right steps and create a video that resonates with an audience with clear goals.

Aside from boosting sales, gaining popularity for your brand, and explaining your product successfully, there are so many more benefits to using an explainer video.

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